Sounds of Antiquity, Elegance Enduring

LKG_JapaneseArt_Miya_And_Sounds_Antiquity_650pxHow important is lineage?

Lineage is significant in Japanese culture: clear and unbroken lines of tradition establish authority, nurture creativity, permit experimentation and inform contemporary thinking and practice. Lineage and resonance from the past was characteristic of the participants in the Sounds of Antiquity event, as was inspirational collaboration and hints of the future. Further, these are significant elements in the choice of artists we represent at Lesley Kehoe Galleries. Each participant represented in a different way the lineage of tradition; the intertwining of tradition and modernity; of ‘outside looking in’, in the combination of Japanese culture and international experience; of reverence for and acknowledgement of the past as a launching pad for individual creativity in the present.

This formed the background to our final event of 2014 as we continued our cultural collaborations and intellectual journeys in exploring tradition, lineage and creative experimentation in the context of samurai culture, contemporary art and performance. Melbourne-based Japanese carpenter and designer Hisao Zen provided a contemporary portable tea room which became the setting for the creative use of Miya Ando’s works in cha-no-yu and a performance of Oda Nobunaga’s Atsumori dance by Shirow Kaze-Dama. Adam Wojczinski, tea practitioner of the samurai tradition Ueda Soko is an articulate, enthusiastic and down-to-earth exponent of the art of tea, giving it relevance and meaning to his audience. Adam has been seen in the lanes of Melbourne performing ‘graffi-tea’ and Tea and Zen 24 hour meditation sessions.

Adam Wojcinski :
Shirow Kaze-Dama :

Photography by William Hung
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