Hisao Zen : Artisan Japanese Joinery and Carpentry

LKG_JapaneseArt_Zen_Studio_Chashitsu_650pxPictured above : Chashitsu (Japanese tea room) by Zen’s studio $13,500 AUD (GST inc)
email gallery@kehoe.com.au  Photo : William Hung Photography

Zen’s Studio is a Melbourne-based business specializing in fine woodworking. Zen’s Studio has expertise in all aspects of artisan woodworking and carpentry design with particular mastery skills in traditional Japanese joinery techniques. For over 18 years, Hisao Zen has honed his training and skills through stringent and disciplined projects that have included building and restoration of historic Buddhist temples and landmark shrines. In more contemporary environments Hisao has further extended his field of craftsmanship to domestic and commercial building and interior design upgrades and refinement. With Hisao Zen Design workmanship you can see and feel the difference: elegance and exquisite detail.

Read more about the studio’s philosophy and the specifics of Japanese joinery here.

Zen’s Studio : www.zensstudio.com.au
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