A Decade at LKG

2011 marks the tenth year of Trevor Fleming’s employment with Lesley Kehoe Galleries. At 24 years of age with a working holiday in Japan and some experience in the hospitality industry, Trevor’s love of Japan brought him to the world of Japanese art.

Ten years later, Trevor has acquired a vast depth of experience in administration and logistics, a deep appreciation for Japanese art, and an even deeper one for Sake! He has undertaken a professional sake appreciation course in Japan, and completed a Masters Degree in Arts Administration. His invaluable support has seen the business expand into the US market and grow into the current gallery premises at 101 Collins St.

Trevor has now decided that it is time to broaden his experience, and he will be leaving Lesley Kehoe Galleries at the end of November.

I am sure that I speak on behalf of all Lesley Kehoe Galleries’ clients and associates in wishing him the very best for his future.

A few words from Trevor on his time with LKG:

“I leave the business with a bundle of unforgettable memories and highlights that characterise employment with a leading Japanese art and antique gallery.

First- the unexpected: Within my first year, Lesley asked me if I wanted to go to Japan and I replied, “Of course”; Lesley said “well, pack your bags you’re getting on a plane in 4 hours”! I spent one day over there before returning with a box of lacquer pieces worth $1 million and clearing customs (legally, of coruse)! The next fabulous experience was being shown the entire lacquer holdings of the Victoria & Albert Museum by curator Julia Hutt. I viewed the famous set of twelve zodiac Inro by Shibata Zeshin and for the first time really understood the unique qualities of Japanese art.

I could go on but finally, it was with great pleasure that I oversaw the gallery opening at 101 Collins. We searched for over four years to find the perfect space, and I’m sure you would agree it is magnificent. I trust that all of you continue to support the business and the many Japanese artists that rely on patronage from outside their shores. Looking forward to sharing a Sake with you in the future.”