One Year On | Tsunami Fundraising Event

The support these artists received from our guests and the general community at the time of the earthquake and tsunami was significant for them. The resilience and the strength of their support for us in the face of the tragedy and the concern about their families and friends is something we can never forget. The need for support continues even more now that the immediate emergency has passed.

To mark the first anniversary of our opening at 101 Collins and the earthquake we have ‘adopted’ Ishinomaki village. Ishinomaki village was one of the villages in the immediate path of the tsunami. Still without water and electricity, the villagers are attempting to rebuild as best they can using debris and their own manpower. The head of the village community group lost his entire family in the tsunami and is leading the recovery effort. Funds do not seem to be making their way to the village.

They need our assistance desperately. I will go to Ishinomaki in April and personally give them the funds we raise (see below) and find out how we can assist them further.

In conjunction with the Significant Women’s Network group Lesley Kehoe Galleries will be hosting a cocktail party and fundraiser to mark the first anniversary of our gallery opening, the Japan earthquake and tsunami and a preview of our upcoming ‘Women In Art: Creating and Created’ exhibition on March 15.

The keynote speaker will be the Consul-General of Japan Mr Hidenobu Sobashima with guest address by Ms Catherine Taylor Former Trade Commissioner Tokyo whose area of specialty was the Tohoku area and who is personally familiar with Ishinomaki village.

Thursday March 15
Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Ground Floor, 101 Collins St, Melbourne

Consul-General of Japan Mr Hidenobu Sobashima
Ms Catherine Taylor Former Trade Commissioner Tokyo

Sparkling sake
Japanese drum performance
Cocktails and finger food
Raffle and door prizes

Tickets are $100 per person. Booking is essential prior to the event
Click here to book tickets or make a donation
We appreciate your support. If you cannot attend the function, please make a donation at the above link.

Ishi no Maki Village Needs Us

Ishinomaki village have through their own efforts rebuilt their community hall. They now need 200,000 Yen (approximately AUD2500) to connect that hall to the electricity grid. We can raise that surely – and More!

At a recent Japan Foundation symposium on the aftermath of the earthquake, I learned the importance of the recovery phase of the operation. The head of an NPO student volunteer group from Japan told us of the difficulties of people now in temporary housing.

Numbers of people who don’t know each other are in close physical proximity but without community networks. Rebuilding networks and establishing new relationships is now the priority.

Lesley will be visiting the village of Ishinomaki to deliver the funds raised at this event and meet with community leaders to see if there is more we can do to assist their recovery.

Australian film maker Paul Johannesen was the first to introduce us to the town of Ishinomaki through this short film:

View Film on Vimeo