Ishinomaki to Venice Film Festival

Then & Now by Australian filmmaker Paul Johanessen, is the short film that introduced us to the situation in Ishinomaki. The stories shared by the people featured were the inspiration for our fund-raising efforts.

The film is a semi-finalist in the Youtube Your Film Festival. It was selected as one of 50 semi-finalists from over 15,000 entries. It is tracking very well with over 100,000 views in the first week of voting… more views (by tens of thousands) than any other film in the competition. A fantastic achievement for the team behind it, but more importantly for the people of Ishinomaki.

There will be 10 finalists chosen from the Your Film Festival for a screening at the 69th Venice International film festival (August 29 – September 8 2012). The Grand Prize Winner will be selected by a special jury and awarded a $500,000 YouTube original production grant to work with Scott Free Films (Ridley Scott’s production company responsible for the recently released film Prometheus) to create a new film.

It just so happens that Scott Free Productions is currently working on a film for release in 2013 called ‘Japan in a Day’ which is an account of the tsunami survivors’ stories through videos uploaded to Youtube.

Surely all kami (spirit gods) are working towards a win for Then and Now.

PLEASE VOTE: The voting is open until July 13 and you can vote once daily. All at the Gallery are voting on a daily basis. Please join us. To vote you need to have a Youtube, gmail or Google account to login. If you don’t, you can sign up for one in under 3 minutes.

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