The Mary Griggs Burke Collection

LKG_BLOG_Mary_Griggs_Burke2October 19 saw Lesley and Byron at the MET at a Director’s invitation only select cocktail reception prior to the general opening of the famous Mary Griggs Burke Collection recently bequeathed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Philanthropy in America is breathtakingly generous and continuous and not restricted to European Art. The Asian Art department of the MET recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of its establishment and this reception paid tribute to the many generous donors and sponsors who have contributed to its growing stature, notable amongst these Mary Griggs Burke. With this bequest and under the energetic and outward-looking curatorship of John Carpenter, the Japanese department at the MET goes from strength to strength.

New York Times’ respected reviewer Holland Cotter had this to say of the bequest and exhibition: Read Here…

Mandala of Wakamiya of Kasuga Shrine
Nanbokuchō period (1336–92)
Hanging scroll : ink, color, gold, and cut gold on silk