Teraoka Masami: New Albion Gallery

Teraoka Masami

New Albion Gallery, Sydney
May 23 – June 16 2012

A prominent international Japanese-American artist, Teraoka Masami (b. 1936) mixes the tradition of ukiyoe, American pop-art and more recently elements of Gothic and Renaissance paintings in his work, ‘…large-scale narrative work addressing social and political issues…inspired by Renaissance paintings but (continuing) the narrative quality of Japanese woodblock prints’. A fairly representative exhibition of Teraoka’s works is currently on exhibition in Sydney at the New Albion Gallery.

Moving to the United States in the sixties, Teraoka’s earlier works explored the divide, and consequent alienation, between his two cultures, Japan and America. His later works continue commentary on contemporary culture taking a darker look at its excesses in AIDS and abuse in the Catholic church.

Teraoka’s works are held in most international public museums, including Australia, and he was honoured by a retrospective on his 60th birthday at the Sackler Gallery in Washington DC.

In conjunction with the exhibition, consultant curator Doug Hall AM prepared an essay on the influence and impact of Teraoka’s work, read it here: Teraoka Essay

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