Story-telling : Chapter II

‘It is the dialogue between objects and unexpected juxtapositions that create excitement…more and more contemporary art collectors (are) wanting to create a stimulating mix as opposed to living in a stereotype environment which is limited to one period. It is that mix that has become contemporary.’  – Simon de Pury, artnet 2015 (full article here)

Once upon a time, a decade ago in fact, a Melbourne art gallery called Lesley Kehoe Galleries, pioneered the move from historical works of art to contemporary. The gallery’s discerning clients, ‘early adopters’ in this narrative, immediately appreciating the sophistication and excitement of the unexpected juxtapositions presented, picked up the thread of the story and began a new chapter.

In the second half of 2014, LKG explored the individual stories of three Japanese artists living and working in New York. In the stories and the works that aretheir manifestation, wehighlighted cultural differencesand estrangement, and the freedom conceived in their limitations. In the first half of 2015, we reverse our focus to identify the interweaving threads of the human tapestry and the universal dialogue it stimulates.

Story-telling : Chapter II
Lesley Kehoe