Shinichi Maruyama

August 14 – September 13

Shinichi Maruyama is enamoured of technology, turning a highly successful career in commercial photography into that of a uniquely inspired contemporary artist. In a departure from accepted practice as radical as that of Jackson Pollock, he has taken paint off the canvas. He creates movement and captures the impossibility of multiple fleeting moments. He has gone beyond the usual categories of photography, transcended the staged photograph to create something that ceases to exist the minute it has been photographed. Technology is his tool, mastery and a unique conceptual approach his genius.

Shinichi is not conscious of being Japanese in approach, nor of being an outsider in New York. In the globalized technological world of photography, he is but one of many. However, in conversation with him, we hear of Zen gardens and the aggregate of multiple moments and focused energy required to create one; of the particular sense of space in these gardens and of the equally particular Zen concept of evanescence. He states quite clearly, as a result of recent travels in Asia, that his creativity is dependent on four distinct seasons of the year. To this outsider, and seasoned observer of Japanese art, historical and contemporary, his conceptual approach is permeated with the Japanese sense of the evanescent, an appreciation of the transient. In the language of the Japanese formal practice of tea, ‘one life, one moment一期一会’ , he is challenged to capture the ‘one moment’.

Shinichi Maruyama
Lesley Kehoe