Roppongi Art Night 2012

The Roppongi Hills art precinct and shopping centre in Tokyo is an art lover’s dream with artworks hidden around every corner and events and new installations happening constantly. It is home to a number of Japan’s newest art musuems and an ever-changing hive of creativity. Each visit brings with it something new that challenges in totally unexpected ways. In Japan for the opening day in 2003, I arrived just as world famous architect Tadao Ando decided to do an unscheduled tour of the 21_21 design site and have been a devoted fan ever since- of both architect and site.

Imagine my excitement upon hearing of Roppongi Hills Art Night (described as an all night ‘Art Party’). A quick look at available flights caused immediate heartbreak. Unable to attend, I have relied on reviews.

Roppongi Hills attracts the best and the highlight of the event was the ever popular Yayoi Kusama and the unveiling of her newest installation – a young girl in a polka-dot dress standing 10 meters tall- Kusama’s depiction of herself as a child.

There were many events to aid the tsunami relief effort such as the one organized by Tohoku University of Art and Design (our artists, Kise Hiroshi, Oyama Yasuyuki and Nakamura Hirotomo graduated from here under Prof. Kaneko Toru). In a workshop visitors were asked to help build wooden benches later distributed to affected areas.

The Mori Art Musuem hosted an exhibition by Korean artist Lee Bul and the Suntory Art Museum featured a collection of very important Chinese ceramics. My favourite 21_21 design site hosted a retrospective on the works of fashion designer Issey Miyake.

I will be booking my flight early for Roppongi art night 2013!

Full Article: The Japan Times

Yayoi-chan, Ring-Ring, Dots Obsession” – Yayoi Kusama