Miya Ando

Lesley Kehoe Galleries and Sundaram Tagore Gallery are proud to present the debut solo show of metalwork paintings by New York based contemporary artist Miya Ando.

Miya Ando is a rarity in the art world. She creates paintings in metal: ‘Miya Ando’s refined, subtle works of rolled steel, made of sheets of burnished and chemically treated metal, are …a must-see for anyone interested in post-minimalist contemporary art’ (New York Times 2009).

Born in California of Russian-American and Japanese parents, Miya has spent much of her life in the grounds of a Buddhist temple with her grandfather. Her ancestors were swordsmiths in the esteemed Bizen tradition and the allure of transforming metal is strong in her work. She too is conscious of her mutable cultural identity, ‘As a person who’s of mixed heritage, it was always a way  for me to connect with that part of my family’.

Traditional Japanese metalwork is almost alchemical in the hands of master workers. Miya is apprenticed to a master metalsmith in Japan and no stranger to the discipline of the traditional art form. She transforms the rigidity and solidity of steel into works of ethereal light and spirituality. She too speaks of evanescence, of respect for, and an innate understanding of, the transience and impermanence that underlies much of Japanese thinking and daily life. It is this sense of impermanence that is manifested through her mastery of demanding technical skills.


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Miya Ando
Lesley Kehoe