LKG Exhibition: Asaka Corr Douglas Loughlin

Asaka Corr Douglas Loughlin : Concept Master Originality Technique
October 10 – November 15 2012
Glass as Contemporary Art

What motivated an exhibition of contemporary glass by Australian artists in Lesley Kehoe Galleries, specialists in Japanese art and design for nearly 30 years? Easy to answer if you viewed this sold out world-class exhibition from which works have been purchased by major public institutions and international collectors. Each artist spoke of the influence and resonance of Japanese culture on career development. The sophistication of the manifested aesthetic and mastery of craft met the strict criteria set by the standards of Japanese art practice embraced by the Galleries. (Read the curatorial)

Stimulated by the Director’s friendship with internationally recognised glass collector Sandy Benjamin, and evolving from many hours of curatorial discussion regarding the desired qualities of art and artists, the exhibition is the result of the happy collaboration between Lesley and Sandy. It was an exhibition of cutting edge contemporary sculptural and two dimensional works. That the material of choice of each artist is glass, is secondary to the mastery and originality expressed in the individual conceptual and technical approaches. This was not an exhibition of multi-coloured vessels normally associated with ‘glass’. It was an exhibition of the unique creativity of artists who cherish the natural qualities of the material and respect its inherent character, using these to draw out its beauty in tandem with the physical manifestation of their conceptual philosophies.

A series of invitation only previews and openings with the artists allowed guests to explore the works and meet their creators in relaxed and intimate groups. Sandy Benjamin’s professionalism and passion and her understanding of the history and development of glass engaged many groups in the gallery. Gallery Manager Byron Kehoe directed and produced a series of videos interviewing the artists and capturing parts of the intricate technical processes. For those of you who have been unable to view the exhibition these can be viewed at the Lesley Kehoe Galleries Vimeo page – click here.