Kamisakka Sekka Dawn of Modern Japanese Design : Art Gallery of NSW

Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Australia
22 June – 22 July & 25 July – 26 August 2012

Continuing its longstanding commitment to bringing serious international collections of Japanese art to Australia, the AGNSW will exhibit the brilliant work of Rinpa-inspired Kamisakka Sekka (1866-1942) from the collection of the Hosomi Museum in Kyoto.The collection is augmented by historical Rinpa pieces, including works from the Pauline Gandel Collection in Melbourne and the Hodgkinson Collection in Sydney, works by contemporary Japanese lacquer master Unryuan Kitamura Tatsuo and Sydney fashion designer Akira Isogawa.

‘Like his European counterparts, Sekka realised that the role of design – including industrial, interior and graphic design – would dominate modern aesthetics.’ (read more)

Also in true AGNSW style, the exhibition is complemented by a one-day seminar on June 23 featuring a number of international speakers and scholars, including the Director of the Hosomi Museum. These seminars are always enlightening and stimulating and highly recommended.

Closer to home, Hamilton Art Gallery in regional Victoria also have a selection of Sekka prints from the Chigusa (Myriad Flowering Plants) series and a lacquer box recently added to the collection. These will be on view during the Nihonga show from late May.

Suzuki Kiitsu
Birds and flowers of the four seasons, c1855

Kamisaka SEKKA
Birds, flowers and figures on scattered fans
Pair of six-fold screen; ink and colour on gold ground
126 x 320 cm

Ai Yamaguchi
We have as much to talk about as this mountain is tall, 2008

Kamisaka Sekka/Kiyomizu Rokubei IV & Kiyomizu Rokubei V
Entrée dishes in the shape of a stream, 1920

Akira Isogawa
Tulle strap shibori dress with iris motif, 2010