Maio Motoko Fleeting Moments : Lesley Kehoe Galleries

Fleeting Moments The Contemporary Screens of Maio Motoko
Exhibition opens – November 17

Maio Motoko was in Melbourne for our gallery opening in March and left a string of ardent suitors in her wake. And that was with only a taste of her stunning work on exhibition! Maio returns to Melbourne in November with a solo exhibition. She speaks of the fleeting moments of the extraordinary amongst the mundane in our lives and manifests these physically in the form of her folding masterpieces.

Maio is one of the most exciting and creative artists on the international scene today. Her use of unusual materials- iron rust, sand, soil, aluminium foil, antique fabrics and paper- is unique and inspiring. She creates heart-stopping physical and spiritual vistas of beauty.

As part of this exhibition Melbourne will be able to view Maio’s 10 screen installation commissioned for the 2007 Japan Festival at the Kennedy Centre Washington DC. Entitled ‘Moment By Moment, Heartbeat by Heartbeat’, this breathtaking master work will be installed in the main foyer of 101 Collins St.  Maio will be in Melbourne for the first 10 days of the exhibition. A schedule of artist talks and performance installations will be advised. This is Maio’s first solo exhibition and the first exhibition of her works since their acquisition by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2010….as we said at the outset …Only in Melbourne.

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‘Moment By Moment, Heartbeat by Heartbeat’ – Maio Motoko