Envisioning Contemporary Art : 2014 at LKG

LKG Booth at the Melbourne Art Fair     Photo : Urban Angles

‘The art market appeared to be in rude health as 2014 drew to a close. More money was spent on blue-chip and emerging art last year than at any other point in history, and the trade has been in rapid expansion mode. But under the surface, the tectonic plates are shifting, and unease is bubbling up about the effects of the market on the art that fuels it.’ – – The Art Newspaper (click for full article)

Amidst these shifiting tectonic plates, Lesley Kehoe Galleries maintains a steady course based on our guiding navigational tools of concept, mastery, originality and technique. 2014 saw LKG’s program of exhibitions and events address internationalism, understanding contemporary art and cultural crosscurrents. In the dynamic international scene of contemporary art, Australia remains a parochial orphan. Nowhere was this more evident than at the supposedly revamped Melbourne Art Fair and the preponderance of local galleries: ‘The market isn’t contradictory to good art, although the criteria for the two can be divergent, so why does it seem that some gallerists were anticipating the most unadventurous of collectors at this year’s Melbourne Art Fair? … the idiosyncratic nature of taste is entirely subjective. This might be a more compelling excuse for the homogenous selection of art work at the fair if it wasn’t that…there was little social diversity in the attending public.’ – Ocula (click for full article) 

Actively discouraged from participation in previous shows, the new management saw LKG take part in its first Melbourne Art Fair. While encouraged by the discriminating response from the select audience at the VIP Collectors’ opening and sales to new clients, the general myopia and cultural parochialism that we find in Australia when it comes to international art was sadly still prevalent.

LKG went to NY and NY came to LKG.

– Australian Designer Lui Hon was a big hit at Asia Week New York. Lui Hon and jewellery artist Nakano Kaoru continued their collaboration ‘Accoutre : The Art of Attire‘ which started as a VIP client event for LKG clients in Melbourne.

– 3 rising star artists from NY exhibited for the first time in Australia with LKG during our
6 month exhibition ‘Outside Looking In’ – Read More…

– LKG finds a home in an Australian collection for a major sculpture by Tomokazu
Matsuyama from the Hong Kong Harbor City Sculpture Project – Read More…

– LKG joins Melbourne Art Fair for the first time, exhibiting an exclusive solo exhibition of
new works by Tomokazu Matsuyama

– Unryuan Kitamura Tatsuo, LKG exclusive artist, hit the high notes at a London auction
and a work enters the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY. Read More…

– Contemporary art a focus at invitation only dinner at LKG ‘C-Notes : Conversations
around Contemporary Art’ with guest curators from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in
New York and AGNSW speaking via video link – Read More…

-Longstanding client of LKG Pauline Gandel receives an Imperial Award from the
Japanese Government for her cultural activities between Australia and Japan. Read More…

– LKG and Adam Wojcinski introduce Sake, Tea and Butoh to the Brisbane TAASA group. Read More…

– Sounds of Antiquity, our final event of the year focused on the importance of lineage in a
collaborative event featuring the works of Miya Ando in a tea room (built by Melbourne
based Zen’s Studio) with cha-no-yu, a butoh performance and original Shakuhachi music
by Dr Richard Chenhall. Read More…