Tomokazu Matsuyama

Rising star New York contemporary artist Tomokazu Matsuyama transfixes with oversized paintings and quirky sculptures. He uses a multiplicity of familiar elements in an exotic remix. The curved canvas transcends the physical and metaphorical boundaries of what we see as ‘a painting’. The androgynous figures suggest ambiguity and fluidity; the spatial compositions and curious titles teasingly suggest a narrative while challenging our assumptions re art and meaning. An energetic, techno-coloured narrative, that while engagingly figurative, presents an ethereal manifestation of contemporary urbanised culture.

Flowing with the contemporary Zeitgeist, ‘Matzu’ samples and remixes elements from his multi-cultural world. From graffiti, street art and hip hop, from T-shirts to extraordinary amorphous borderless canvases, he strides the ground between popular culture and fine art. In a globalized world of ambiguous boundaries and identities, of mass movements of populations and renewed calls for exclusivity and rigid borders, Matzu challenges national and cultural stereotypes. With his iTunes remixed titles, he questions our insistent need to find meaning and confronts us with the judgements those meanings provoke.

Matsuyama’s work is exhibited internationally from Tokyo, Osaka, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Vancouver to invited exhibitions in institutions such as the Asian American Arts Centre, The Japan Society and the Reischauer Institute at Harvard University.

Tomokazu Matsuyama
Lesley Kehoe