Urasenke Tea Ceremony at NGV

Chado Urasenke Tankokai Melbourne Association
20th Anniversay Celebration
Grand Master Iemoto Soshitsu Sen

November will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Melbourne Chapter of the Urasenke Tea School. To mark this event, the current Grand Master Iemoto Soshitsu Sen, the 16th Grand Master, will visit Melbourne.The Grand Master’s father, former Grand Master Sen Genshitsu, was the instigator of the worldwide movement of Urasenke at the end of WWII. His philosophy of ‘peace through a bowl of tea’, has created branches of Urasenke all around the world.

A tradition continued by his son, it is fitting that the 20th anniversary of the Melbourne chapter is marked by this significant visit. The theme of the anniversary events is ‘tsunagu’ つなぐ bridging and connecting: Uniting People; Bridging Generations; Connecting Eras and Linking Aspirations.

Two days of seminars and demonstrations will take place at NGV. Our Director, Lesley Kehoe, has been an Honorary Advisor to the Melbourne Chapter for over ten years, and we are pleased that a number of contemporary works from the Galleries’ collection will be used in the ‘Connecting Eras’ tea demonstration. Maio Motoko’s screens will form a backdrop.

Saturday November 5  2.00- 4.00 p.m Grand Master Lecture  No charge
Sunday November 6  5.30 and 7.00 p.m  Tea Gathering  $30.00

Further details  info@urasenkemelbourne.org.au Tel 0431 286 737