Rinpa Style: International Symposium

In line with the professionalism and educational outreach which we have become happily accustomed to from the AGNSW, the Kamisakka Sekka exhibition, is complemented by a one-day seminar on June 23 featuring a number of international speakers and scholars, including the Director of the Hosomi Museum, Kyoto and Ass. Professor John Szostak from the University of Hawaii. In a serendipitous coincidence furthering our exposure to Nihonga (Hamilton Gallery Nihonga Exhibition), contemporary artist Yamamoto Taro is also a guest speaker. Yamamoto describes his work as ‘Nipponga’, ‘restructured from a modern point of view against traditional Nihonga’, and will discuss the strong Rinpa influence in his paintings.

A particularly stimulating speaker is University of Sydney Ass. Professor Elise Tipton who will address the democratization of luxury through the role of the Japanese department store in exhibiting art…vale David Jones Art Gallery!

These seminars are always enlightening and stimulating, provide an opportunity to mix with others interested in Japanese art and culture, great value and highly recommended. Bookings essential.

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