Ishinomaki : Then and Now Short Film

No one can forget the devastating news and immediate aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami during the opening of our gallery on March 11 last year.  With over 20 Japanese artists and visitors at our opening, we recall the inspiring generosity of spirit with which they continued to participate in the celebration of the gallery opening. At the same time, we were able to express our solidarity with Japan, and note that our representation and dissemination of Japanese culture is highly valued. We wish to acknowledge the support of all our clients and friends who contribute to this.

Incredibly, a full year has almost passed and we are close to marking the first commemoration of these events.  Serious issues remain in many areas of Japan and assistance is still desperately needed. The town of Ishinomaki was in the immediate path of the tsunami. Australian filmmaker Paul Johannessen has recently made a short film poignantly highlighting the difficulty of recovery.

We are in touch with Paul directly and are waiting on contact details for the local volunteer organization in Ishinomaki with the aim of assisting.

Ishi No Maki – Then and Now
by Paul Johannessen