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In a game of word association for ‘Japan’, origami would frequently be front of mind for many people with sushi, kimono and Mt. Fuji. Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding and takes its name from two words, ori meaning “folding” and kami meaning “paper”. A traditional art form since the 17th century, it did not gain a place in the international lexicon until popularization in the West during the mid-1900s.

If origami conjures up for you not much more than images of folded cranes, then prepare to be surprised. An insightful documentary by Green Fuse Films ‘Between the Folds’, explores origami in its many contemporary incarnations – educating, entertaining and challenging our perceptions of this ancient art form.

The documentary explores origami from many viewpoints- the paper maker, the artist and the mathematician amongst others. The hobby of choice for many left-brain dominant individuals, what they do to a simple piece of paper will astound. Nothing is added or subtracted from the material and the only tools are the hands of the practitioner. Credulity will be stretched as you watch a dragon emerge in 10,000 folds; as complex abstract shapes are created from one fold, and totally collapsible forms result from hours of freestyle folding. Did you know for example that the automotive airbag is based on origami principles?

‘Between the Folds’ is a testament to the power of the imagination, how one sheet of paper can take a thousand forms. Origami’s applications extend to engineering, architecture and medicine…and fashion. We’re not sure whether Issey Miyake’s team watched this documentary, but the potential of origami has been extended to Issey’s latest award-winning fashion designs.

Paper is a product we have all used, yet how many of us are aware of the possibilities latent within the seemingly innocuous sheet? At its core, the power of origami is in illustrating how imagination and a sense of enquiry can transform the ordinary and the mundane into the surprising and unexpected. It is the power of potential. How many other wonders are we not seeing before our very eyes?Between the Folds official trailer from web3media on Vimeo.

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