Unryuan – The Golden Dragon

Kitamura Tatsuo, contemporary lacquer master, was born in the Year of the Dragon. His art name Un-ryuu-an 雲−龍—庵— contains the character for dragon and translated means the ‘retreat of the dragon in the clouds’.  2012 sees Kitamura celebrating his 60th birthday, completing 5 x 12 year cycles of the Oriental Zodiac. Based on the 60 year cycle of the Chinese calendar, the 60th year is a return to the year of one’s birth and symbolizes rebirth and the achievement of ‘golden’ status.  ‘Kanreki’ 還暦、literally ‘return calendar’, is the term given to this special birthday, celebrated usually with red undergarments like those a baby traditionally wore.

‘Un-ryuu’ the dragon in the clouds is a traditional motif in early Japanese painting associated with the famous Kano School (e.g. Kano Tanyu at Myoshinji Temple).

Kitamura has many fans in Australia and internationally who all wish him Happy Birthday.

View some of his works here.

Pictured: Unryuan Kitamura Tatsuo
Dragons & Tigers Incense Container 10.8 x 6 x 5.8 cm