Tomokazu Matsuyama Acknowledged

In a further affirmation of the rising star of Brooklyn-based artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, the San Francisco Asian Art Museum has acquired the sculptural work ‘Bon Voyage’ (pictured below), a 2012 work of 22K genuine gold leaf, polyurethane auto paint on solid polyurethane ren shape. Part of the museum’s ‘burgeoning contemporary art program’  it will form part of the museum’s ‘ongoing contemporary art collection and programs’.

This is the first museum acquisition of the artist’s work but certainly only the beginning.

Introduced to Australia by Lesley Kehoe Galleries in gallery solo shows in 2013 and 2014, and as part of Sydney Contemporary and Melbourne Art Fair, Matsuyama is an artist with a significantly bright future. Already a part of many Australian collections, the artist’s works, both painting and sculpture, sold out at the latest exhibition in Luxembourg. He is also one of the selected artists in Swizz Beatz’ curated exhibition at Art Basel Miami.

Sculpture forms an important part of Matzu’s portfolio and Lesley Kehoe Galleries currently has two significant examples of the artist’s sculptural work. Please contact the gallery, for further information.

We are also pleased to announce that the Gallery has two new paintings that will form part of the upcoming ‘Presence’ exhibition (December 2015).

LKG_BLOG_Tomokazu_Matsuyama_Asian_Art_MuseumPhoto Courtesy of Tomokazu Matsuyama Studio. Copyright © 2015.