Studio Visits : Koji Hatakeyama

LKG_BLOG_Studio_Visits_Kishi_Toru_Koji_Kondo-650-7A highlight of travels in Japan is being able to visit artists in their studios. This trip we visited the studio of Kaneko Tōru in Chiba. Kishi Eiko and Takahiro Kondō in Kyoto, and Koji Hatakeyama in Takaoka.

Koji Hatakeyama uses traditional techniques to create masterful landscapes in cast bronze. We discovered that this involves vinegar and miso paste! A labour intensive and physically demanding career, Koji also works alone with a limited output. The lack of younger people willing to learn traditional art processes is a common story amongst our artists. Koji’s most recent trainee lasted three days. Widely and successfully exhibited internationally, we will host Koji’s first solo show in Australia in 2016: February 18-March 12.

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Photography by Byron Bowman Kehoe. Copyright © 2015.