Studio Visits : Kaneko Toru

LKG_BLOG_Studio_Visits_Kishi_Toru_Koji_Kondo-650-17A highlight of travels in Japan is being able to visit artists in their studios. This trip we visited the studio of Kaneko Tōru in Chiba. Kishi Eiko and Takahiro Kondō in Kyoto, and Koji Hatakeyama in Takaoka.

Kaneko-Tōru has recently retired from his professorship at Tōhoku University of Art and Design and established an independent studio, something we have seen the potential of for a long time. A master metal artist with a unique approach to design, Kaneko’s output has been secondary to his teaching career. In quiet idyllic surrounds in Chiba, Kaneko has created a perfect environment in which to develop his career as an artist. He continues his masterful work in silver and creates exciting new work in copper and experimental surface finishes. Several new works will feature in our upcoming exhibition ‘Presence’.

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