Playboy Takes Tea : Adam Wojcinski x Tomokazu Matsuyama

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Initiated by Byron Kehoe of Lesley Kehoe Galleries and co-hosted with artist Tomokazu Matsuyama at his Brooklyn NY studio, the artist’s significant work ‘Whatever The Playboy Wrote Was As Good As The Great Waves’ took pride of place as the scroll in a dynamic chakai (formal tea event). A small group of invited guests partook of tea from tea master Adam Wojcinski and hand-made wagashi (Japanese sweets) from New York resident Urasenke teacher Marybeth Welch.

Victorian-born, now Paris-resident, Ueda Sōko Ryū tea master Adam Wojcinski’s contemporary interpretations of the formal practice of tea saw the inspirational use of contemporary vessels from the LKG Collection in conjunction with the painting to create an extraordinary event. Using the concept of the’ privileged outsider’ developed in an analytic essay of Matzu’s work, Lesley scripted a curatorial relating the cross-cultural experiences and international identities of both Adam and Matzu to frame the event.

Tea master Adam used a selection of Matzu’s paint pots in the centre of the improvised tatami chashitsu (tea room), a source of vibrant energy in the midst of the calm of tea preparation. John Carpenter of the Metropolitan Museum of Art was seen to express consternation at receiving a bowl of tea sitting on top of a Playboy magazine until the significance of the toriawase (poetics of the art medley) became apparent. Adam’s refreshingly democratic take on the formal practice of tea and innovative selection of vessels re-affirms the origins of tea philosophy and aesthetics, places it as a significant part of contemporary art practice and re-establishes it as part of day-to-day living.

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