Oyama Yasuyuki

Oyama Yasuyuki  (b. 1979)

A studio in a shipping container surrounded by mountains, a rice field at the back door, croaking frogs and Mt.Fuji nearby, set the scene for the individual works of Oyama Yasuyuki. Bewitched by metal as a material from childhood, Oyama chose a university where he could study the art and craft of metalwork without making any conscious choice as to a career path. In second year university, he tentatively entered a work into a competition, unexpectedly taking the grand prize. One could suggest that from this point on his career was determined.

That prize-winning work was a functional object, and it is the combination of function and beauty, traditional to Japanese art, that continues to exercise Oyama’s creativity. He wishes to express a new ‘shibui’, the latest, most up-to-date, contemporary, yet with a whisper of nostalgia. He expresses a desire to create things that have not been created before and takes his inspiration from a multitude of sources: In metal work his former teacher and mentor Kaneko Toru is a respected figure, but Oyama also finds inspiration in the works of fashion designer Martin Margiela, architect Tadao Ando and rock musician Hiroji Miyamoto of Elephant Kashimashi. He finds a common identity as a revolutionary artist with these figures- “ In their own fields they create things that have not been created before, they do things that no-one has done before.  And this is not new for new’s sake, it extends beyond this to a high degree of perfection. I am inspired and attracted to this kind of person.”

Oyama works primarily with aluminium, creating uniquely coloured and textured surfaces by using urushi, Japanese lacquer, in conjunction with the metal. His shapes are sensuous and appealing, the colours adding a dash of excitement and allure in keeping with a contemporary sense of ‘cool’. He has extended his work to jewellery, and to an exciting range of functional wares for modern living. His funky sake cups and sake pourers are ever popular.

Oyama Yasuyuki is distinguished by a mature and rounded perspective on life and on his work. He has a clear vision of where he is headed and how he is going to get there. He is dedicated and committed, retains an infectious enjoyment of life and his work, and is selective in where he applies himself. He is broad-minded and seeks intellectual stimulation. He is one of the most promising artists of his time.


1979   Born in Miyagi-pref, Japan
1999-2002   Bachelor of Arts (Metalcraft) Tohoku University of Art and Design,
2002-2003   KONSTFACK International University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Sweden, Special student of Metal work design

2000   Selected Biamagurankai in Sapporo
Selected TakaokaCraft Exhibition
Group Exhibition “Galleria”, Karuizawa, Nagano
Two man show “Yasuyuki Oyama x Takamasa Sakai –“Natural Form“- (Yamagata / gallery Hachiya )
Group Exhibition “LIGHTING OBJECT -Kodawarino Christmas tree – ” (Yamagata)
Formed “SO brothers” collaborative unit akamasa Sakai (ceramics and porcelain) and Yasuyuki Oyama (metal)
2001   Selected “ One Wan “ in Kanazawa 2001
Selected World Competition of Arts & Crafts Kanazawa 2001
Selected Takaoka Craft Exhibition
Group Exhibition “Material & Light” (Tokyo / Matsuya Ginza craft gallery – gallery 1/f)
Group Exhibition ” The talented 20’s – young craftspeople of today” (Tokyo / Matsuya Ginza craft stage)
Collaboration with ALFACTO
2002   “SO brothers exibition -Works of Takamasa Sakai and Yasuyuki Oyama- ” (Tokyo / gallery ES )
“Objects to be treasured” (Yamagata / Honma museum)
Selected Japan Craft Competition 2002
Fair “Ars terra incognita” (Berlin)
2003  Selected International Competition “Talent 2003”
Special exhibition Talent 2003 at the International Trade Fair 2003 (Munich)
Fair “The June Olympia” (London)
2005   Group Exhibition – International Art & Design Fair – Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Solo Exhibition – Gallery Tsubaki, Chiba
Solo Exhibition – Ecoms Shizuoka Showroom, Shizuoka City
2006   Group Exhibition – Japanese Contemporary Metalwork, Sofitel, Melbourne & Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton
Solo Exhibition – Bansai Gallery, Imperial Palace
Solo Exhibition – ‘Metalcraft’ Gallery Torindo, annual
Solo Exhibition – ‘Jewelry in Summer’, Ebisu Arai Gallery







2007 | 2 Person Show ‘The sound of rain on porcelain and metal’ Gallery Planet, Nagoya


2008 | 2 Person Show ‘Listen to the wind’, Gallery Zero, Shizuoka





2000 | Grand Prize MITI Life Industry Minister’s Award

Tokyo Dome Tableware Festival


2003 | Judges Award – Itami International Craft Competition


2007 | Tokyo Dome Tableware Festival – Excellence Award


2008 | Tokyo Dome Tableware Festival – Honourable Mention

Excellence Award – Itami International Craft Competition


Oyama Yasuyuki
Lesley Kehoe