Outside Looking In : Contemporary Japanese Art

LKG_JapaneseArt_Outside_Looking_In_Matsuyama_Tomokazu_header_650pxLKG continued its commitment to elevating and broadening the local art scene by bringing international art to the Australian audience. Under the curatorial ‘Outside Looking In’ the second half of the year focussed on three brilliantly successful mid-career artists based in New York city: photography artist Shinichi Maruyama; painter and sculptor Tomokazu Matsuyama ‘Matzu’, and metal artist Miya Ando.

Outside Looking In takes these three contemporary Japanese artists who have left Japan and are based in New York and looks at how they synthesize their innate Japanese consciousness with their personal and artistic experiences in New York and its art environments. That they are ‘outside’ Japan is obvious, that they may be regarded as ‘outsiders/foreigners’ in New York may not be so obvious to either themselves, or in this international and globalized environment, to those observing their work. That they felt like ‘outsiders’ in their own country, Japan, may have been a catalyst to their Western odyssey.

‘Looking in’ refers to their perspectives on the home culture and the undeniably Japanese influences manifest in their work and conceptual approaches. However, in discussions with the artists, these influences are often discovered to be unconscious. The apparently ‘undeniable’ Japanese aspects of the work are labelled as such by Western observers, applying their own ‘outside’ interpretations and perceptions of the ‘Oriental’, or ‘not-Western’. Thus we have the intriguing subjectivity and fluidity of the concepts ‘outside’ and ‘inside’.

Shinichi was in Melbourne for the opening of the show and for a mutually stimulating collaboration with local artist and printer Les Walking (Les works with Bill Henson), and Matzu oversaw the installation of his works at Melbourne Art Fair while meeting local collectors of his work. Miya Ando hopefully will be able to take time out of her hectic exhibition schedule to join us next year. Miya has recently been part of an exciting seminar ‘Dressed to Kill’ at the MET NY on armour and costume with the designer of Game of Thrones.

Select works by each artist are available in the gallery and will be featured in the 2015 Sydney Contemporary art fair September 10-13. Enquiries gallery@kehoe.com.au.

Photography by Urban Angles
Shinichi Maruyama Exhibition InstallationLKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-5LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-6LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-4

Tomokazu Matsuyama Exhibition InstallationLKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-8LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-9LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-7

Miya Ando Exhibition Installation
LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-2 LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-3   LKG_JapaneseArt_outside_looking_in_tomokazu_miya_shinichi_contempoary_art_650px-10