On Golden Ponds – Maio Motoko


The golden ponds at 101 Collins main foyer designed by leading post-modernist US architect Philip Johnson provided the perfect backdrop for Maio Motoko’s master work ‘Moment By Moment Heartbeat by Heartbeat’…so much so that the artist herself was moved to express her gratitude to the architect for creating the site just for her! In fact, we had gratifying international feedback about the complementary aesthetics of foyer, gallery premises and artwork.

Exhibited for only the second time since their debut at the Kennedy Center Washington DC in 2008, the 10 screen installation engaged the gracious expanse of 101’s main foyer in a series of installation performances that drew gasps of delighted awe from the audience.

This major installation is part of Maio Motoko’s first solo exhibition and gathers together at Lesley Kehoe Galleries the most significant body of work created by this artist to date. Works range from vibrant two fold screens – created in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake as testimony to regenerative life force energy – to majestic five screen installations. The depth and breadth of Maio’s creativity and intuitive understanding of the human condition naturally calls forth an emotional response from the viewer.

Word of mouth is bringing a constant stream of visitors to the gallery, each of whom enters with an ‘I was told I had to come’ and leaves with delight, admiration and wonder.

The exhibition continues at Lesley Kehoe Galleries until March 2 2012.

Maio Motoko - kyoku kyoku myaku myaku 2

Maio Motoko - kyoku kyoku myaku myaku