Nakazawa Shinichi

Nakazawa Shinichi (b. 1956)

“16th and 17th century Japanese art was characterized by a unique perception of space. This was not the space created by simple perspective theory, but rather the co-existence of complex and discrete spaces. These multiple spaces did not merely co-exist in parallel, but were synthesized. I call this synthesis of the multiple spaces in art a ‘pluralistic space’. My objective as an artist is to create contemporary works that possess this pluralistic space.”

Shimmering gold foil in geometric abstracts on an ebony black ground is how Nakazawa has chosen to represent ‘pluralistic’ space. Perhaps more familiar to us as the delicately precise use of negative space in Japanese art, Nakazawa’s use of gold foil and contrasting black grounds conjures images of traditional Japanese art, particularly gold backed screens and black and gold lacquer boxes.

Nakazawa’s work recall the aesthetic theories of Tanizaki Junichiro: “Their extravagant use of gold, too, I should imagine, came of understanding how it gleams forth from out of the darkness and reflects the lamplight…gold is not something to be seen in a brilliant light, to be taken in at a single glance; it should be left in the dark, a part here and a part there picked up by a faint light” (Jun’ichiro Tanizaki In Praise of Shadows 1967. p.14.) However, in his original interpretations and use of almost ‘scientific’ geometric shapes, Nakazawa transforms these landscapes into a universal contemporary idiom.

At age 19, Nakazawa taught himself copperplate etching and a decade later was selected as a ‘Promising Young Artist’ at a so-named exhibition at Tokyo’s Isetan department store. From then onwards his career expanded internationally with exhibitions in New York, West Germany, Singapore, Finland, Cairo, Manila and Australia.

1956 Born in Tokyo
1975 Began making copperplate etchings, self-taught
1979 Graduated from Rikkyo University, Tokyo
1978 Japan Print Association Exhibit, Tokyo (Also in 1979)
1983 International Miniature Print Exhibit, Pratt Graphic Institute, New York (Also in 1985)
1984 International Mezzotint Exhibit, Philadelphia
Promising Young Artists Exhibit, Isetan Dept. Store, Tokyo
One- man show, Art Space Koa Gallery, Tokyo
1985 Prizewinning Print Artists Exhibit, Central Museum, Tokyo Three-man show,
Nishi Ginza Gallery, Tokyo
1986 International Graphic Triennial, West Germany
1986 Pratt/Silvermine International Print Exhibit, New York (Also in 1988)
1986 College Women’s Association Print Show, Tokyo (Also in 1991, 1993-2008) 1988 Three-man show, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo
1989 Two-man show, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo (Also in 2000, 02, 08)
1990 Group show, Retretti Art Center, Finland
1992 “Six Japanese Artists on the International Stage,” Hankyu Dept. Store, Tokyo, 1994 Group show, Japan Print Exhibit for “Japan Week 94”, Cairo, Egypt,Group show 1995 Hameenlinna Art Museum, Finland,
1996 One-man show, The Tolman Collection, Tokyo (Annully thereafter until 2005) 1997 Two-man show, Luz Gallery, Manila
1998 One-man show, The Tolman Collection, Singapore
1999 “Japanese prints by ten artists”, Canberra
National Multicultural Festival at Canberra Museum and Gallery
Group show, Sogetsu Gallery, Tokyo,
2003 Group show,”Textures of Influence,” University of Maryland, USA
One-man show, The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London Collections
Cincinnati Art Museum, USA
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia Rockefeller Foundation, USA
University of Maryland, USA
Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo
Smith College USA

Nakazawa Shinichi
Lesley Kehoe