Kise Hiroshi

Kise Hiroshi (b. 1980)

“Traditional metal working techniques – hammering, beating, hand forming – exist to change a flat metal panel into a three dimensional object. I create works adapting and developing these techniques. I aspire to capture the change of mood of the metal in the variation of form and surface texture. I also pursue perfection of technique.”

Soft rose-coloured light emanates from the small copper drops atop Kise’s biomorphic works. There is a bewitching surface texture to these works that evades immediate identification – is it leather? is it ceramic? The base copper metal is formed into a variety of organic shapes and the surface is finished in urushi, Japanese lacquer. Taboo in western metal practice, Kise explores the folding of the metal as it is hand formed, seeking to master the folds, encouraging them into patterns that are an integral part of the overall aesthetic.

A post-graduate student of Tohoku Art and Design University, Kise studied under Professor Kaneko Toru, and was a classmate of Oyama Yasuyuki and Nakamura Hirotomo. Selected for the prestigious Kanazawa Utatsuyama Art Studio in 2005, Kise is now an independent artist.

After a sell-out debut in Melbourne during Australia-Japan Year of Exchange in 2006, Kise has gone on to win a number of prizes including first prize in the Kanzawa ‘Wan-One’ Award, the MITI first prize at the 15th Annual Tableware Exhibition, and in 2008 Associate Grand Prize at the 26th Asahi Contemporary Craft Competition.

Kise’s interest in lacquer has seen him join with members of the Wajima Lacquer Research Association on a major project to recreate an 18th century incense set from the famous Date clan collection. This project involved a large number of artists from different fields in a collaborative effort to rediscover lost art techniques. Kise joined a number of other young artists under the guidance of Kanazawa Professor Yamazaki Tatsufumi and Unryuan Kitamura Tatsuo in a quest to preserve traditions in danger of disappearing.



1980 Born in Shiga province
2003 Graduated Tohoku Geijutsu Koka University Fine Art Department
2005 Masters Tohoku Geijutsu Koka University Research Department
2008 Kanazawa Utatsuyma Art Studio Post graduate residency completed
2011 Juridical Trust Sokeikai Special Tsukinoura atelier residency completed
2011 Working independently in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture

Competitive Exhibitions
2003   44th Annual Japan Craft Association Student Prize
2005   5th Annual Kanazawa Wan-One Exhibition Equal Grand Prize
19th Annual Art and Craft City Takaoka Art Show Theme Prize
24th Annual Lifestyle Exhibition Kumamoto Art and Craft Museum Prize
2006   62nd Annual Kanazawa City Art and Craft Exhibition Hokkoku Newspaper Chairman’s Prize
46th Annual Japan Craft Association Invited Judges Award
21st Annual Ishikawa Prefecture Contemporary Art and Craft Exhibiiton  Grand Prize
Kyoten (Kyoto Fine Arts Exhibition) Mayor’s Prize
Itami International Art and Craft Exhibition Shirayuki Itami Morohaku
2007   15th Annual Tableware Exhibition Grand Prize; Ministry of Industry and Commerce Minister’s Prize

6th Annual Kanazawa Wan-One Exhibition Equal Grand Prize
21st Annual Citizens Culture Festival Yamaguchi 2006Art Exhibition Shimonoseki Mayor’s Prize
22nd Ishikawa Contemporary Art and Craft Exhibition  Exhibition Governor’s Prize
48th Ishikawa Traditional Art and Craft Exhibition Encouragement Award








・47th Japan Craft Association Maru Building Prize Sokei Association Award

・64th Annual Kanazawa City Art and Craft Exhibition

・26th Annual Asahi Contemporary Craft Exhibition Equal Grand Prize

・22nd Annual Art and Craft City Takaoka Art Show Material Prize ‘Urushi’




・Osaka Art and Craft Exhibition Chairman of the Mint Prize

・55th Annual All Kansai Fine Art Show Third Place All Kansai Fine Art Award

・23rd Annual Art and Craft City Takaoka Art Show Encouragement Award




・18th Annual Tableware Exhibition Grand Prize; Ministry of Commerce and Industry Minister’s Prize

・Osaka Art and Craft Exhibition  Mayor’s Prize

・Kyoten (Kyoto Fine Arts Exhibition) Nanbu Prize


Kise Hiroshi
Lesley Kehoe