Nakano Kaoru

Paper jewellery challenges our normal ideas of ‘precious’ and ‘value’ in a most confronting way. It demands that we look beyond the material to an appreciation of design and imagination. One of the most creative women artists in the current exhibition, Nakano Kaoru creates masterpieces of bold design in Japanese washi, mulberry fibre, using silver and Japanese lacquer to create sensual textural variation.

In a most comprehensive international exhibition devoted to paper jewellery at the Triennale Museum of Design in Milan October 2009. Nakano Kaoru along with 60 international designers demonstrated the beauty of this material and its fluid response to creative design. A selected artist in ‘Arte and Arte ‘ in Como, Italy in 2010 and 2011, Nakano’s works were published in ‘Paper Jewellery’ in London earlier this year. Our many worldwide clients will attest to their show-stopping qualities – the ultimate in individual design for the discerning woman with flair and confidence.