C-Notes : Conversations Around Contemporary Art

LKG_JapaneseArt_Cnotes_Contemporary_art_650pxC Notes: Conversations around Contemporary Art encouraged stimulating and vigorous conversation amongst invited guests around a superbly decorated and richly catered banquet table in the gallery in October. Collector, Curator, Creator, Commentator and Connoisseur joined in to debate the pros and cons of contemporary art. 21st technology enabled the contributions of MET New York Curator of Japanese Art, Dr John Carpenter and NY-based artist Tomokazu Matsuyama as well as Sydney-based AGNSW curator Dr Khanh Trinh.

Gallery manager Byron Kehoe, representing a younger point of view, made a valuable point in noting that those emulated by the younger generation no longer created objects, were no longer the Henry Fords and Carnegies of past times, but were ideas people – Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg. Has this influenced the current dominance of conceptually driven art, often justified and given rationale after completion and without any presence of mastery? And will it affect the future appreciation and development of contemporary art?

Subjects for the next dinner.

Photography by William HungLKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-3LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-2 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-4 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-5 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-6 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-7 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-8 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-9 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-10 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px-11 LKG_JapaneseArt_Matsuyama_c-notes_contempoary_art_650px