1961   Born Wajima City Ishikawa Prefecture
Grandfather was born in Shizuoka into a family of traditional makers of red bean paste for Japanese sweets. Father, also born in Shizuoka, became a lacquer artist.
Steered by father to pursue career in lacquer.
1979   Graduated from Wajma High School. Considered pursuing the study of lacquer in Kyoto but eventually decided to commence specialist study in painting.
1981   Graduated from the Osaka Institute of Design.
1982   Commenced study of makie with father. Gap in expectations caused abandonment of lacquer practice. Focussed on the planning/design of commission works.
1987   Father formally opened a lacquer workshop in Wajima
1989   Pursued a personal interest in the three dimensional forms achievable in kanshitsu technique, especially kanshitsu using cord.
1991   Resumed work with father and Enshu master Desaka Michitomo from whom further techniques in kanshitsu acquired. Realized that the secret of kanshitsu lies in the initial model and began serious research into materials and tools. Progressed from collaborative works with father to individual works.
2006   Became a member of NPO Shikoukenkyukai (SKK) (Lacquer Research Association)
Exhibited ‘Aroma’ Australia-Japan Year of Exchange Official Event Hamilton Art Gallery Victoria Australia
2007   Unryuan and Friends Group Exhibition Gallery Time Ginza Tokyo
2008   International Asian Art Fair New York Lesley Kehoe Galleries
Grand Prize Isehan The Return of the Edo Cosmetic Itabeni (Lipstick Palette)
2009   Selected Exhibitor Young Artists Create Wristwatch Dials Ginza Tenshodo 130th Anniversary Exhibition
2010   Selected member Date Family Incense Set Project NPO SKK


Lesley Kehoe