Our Philosophy

Lesley Kehoe Galleries is about sharing the enjoyment of beauty: To embark on a journey that is initiated by an emotional response to a work of art; to enter into the world of a fascinating culture that has contributed so much for so long to the international world of art, design, literature, film, fashion and food.

This journey might start in the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth or nineteenth century world of traditional Japanese art, a world of painting, screens, emotive ceramics, sumptuous gold lacquer boxes and intricate workmanship in ivory and bronze; a world full of coded metaphors, the study of which will reward with remarkable insights, intellectual stimulation and increased cultural awareness.

Alternatively, it might start in the twentieth or twenty first century with internationally acclaimed contemporary works in a variety of media; or with the discovery of a young emerging artist working in a global environment with traditional materials and techniques in creative experimentation; or with the simple sensual pleasure of a sake cup in hand.

However, or wherever, the journey starts, we can assure you of visual and intellectual pleasure, professional guidance, worthy and enjoyable company, worldwide peers and an horizon-broadening lifetime of discovery.

Our Philosophy
Lesley Kehoe